Here are 15 Interesting Facts About International Space Station.

Astronauts in the ISS “do their laundry” by having new clothes shipped to them in an unmanned spacecraft that then has the old clothes put into it and is burnt up upon reentry.

There is a geocache on the International Space Station.

There is a gun in the International Space Station and it belongs to the Russians. It is for the purpose of protecting themselves against bears in case their capsule lands off-course on reentry into earth.

There are “oxygen candles” that are used aboard the international space station and when ignited can provide enough oxygen for one person for 24 hours.

There exists a small memory device inside the International Space Station that contains the digitized DNA of Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, and Playboy model Jo Garcia. It is called the Immortality Drive.

Pizza Hut once made a delivery to the International Space Station in 2001. They paid the Russians $1 million to transport the Pizza (and make a commercial from it).

U.S. and Russian astronauts on the ISS have separate water supplies. While the U.S. water uses iodine for bacteria control, the Russian water uses silver. If these substances mix, a silver-iodine precipitate forms in the water, which may clog the sublimator in the NASA EMU spacesuit.

Astronauts can’t cry in space. Because of the weightless environment, the tears just collect in little balls and sting your eyes.

NASA has a service where you can register your mobile number and they will text you whenever the International Space Station passes overhead.

Some of the shooting stars we see are actually astronaut poop burning up in the atmosphere.

The spacewalks can cause astronauts’ fingernails to fall off due to the current glove design.

Several astronauts after being on space walks have said space smells a little like a mix of “seared steak, piping-hot metal and arc welding smoke.”

NASA has a tradition of playing a wake-up call for astronauts. These are usually songs such as “What a Wonderful World”. But they have also included other things such as a voice message from Patrick Stewart announcing the “voyage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis”.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station see 15 sunrises and 15 sunsets a day, averaging about one every 45 minutes.

Astronauts have a patch of Velcro inside their helmet so that they can scratch their nose when needed.