Every day as the Sun rays embrace our face, we get up to a brand new day. This fiery spherical ball, which we call the Sun, is the primary basis for the existence of life on Earth. Besides being the source of life on Earth, the Sun has many other aspects worth knowing. Let’s have some interesting facts about the Sun:


Explosion on the Sun

Explosions occur in the atmosphere of the Sun when magnetic fields of the Sun come together. These explosions are known as solar flares, and they can reach about 100,000 miles away from the Sun. And the big news is that the energy released during solar flares is equivalent to the energy released when millions of 110 megaton hydrogen bombs explode at the same time. Thank God! There are no solar flares on the earth.

The Rotating Sun

Just like the Earth, the Sun also rotates on its own axis. But the interesting fact is that the Sun’s equator spins much faster than the Sun’s pole! One rotation of the Sun at its equator takes 27 days and at its pole takes 31 days. This is possible because the Sun is made up of gases. If its crust would have been solid like our earth, then this phenomenon would have been impossible.

Ringing inside the Sun

The gases inside the Sun moves continuously which is known as convection motion. This motion creates lots of noise, and these sound waves bounce continuously inside the Sun. We cannot hear the sound as these frequencies are too low. However, as per scientists’ interpretations, it would, somewhat, sound like a bunch of small-ringing-bells.

Inside the Sun

From the earth, the Sun looks like a burning ball of fire. Actually, there are lots of activities going on inside the Sun. Every second, 5 million tons of energy, and 695 million tons of helium are released from 700 million tons of hydrogen! Now you know why the Sun is so hot.

We live inside the Sun!

The Sun is not limited in the reddish-orange ball that we can see in the sky. Rather, its outer atmosphere extends to about 100 A.U., i.e., nearly 10 billion miles. So, our Earth exists within the outer atmosphere of the Sun. So, we are actually living inside the Sun!

Our Sun – The dwarf

Calling our Sun dwarf is quite hard to imagine. Well, the official definition of our Sun is “Yellow G2 Dwarf” because our Sun is just an average, a middle-aged star among the billions of stars present in the universe. Sun is a yellow dwarf star! Don’t worry Sun; to the universe you maybe dwarf but for us, the humans, you are like our big brother.

Overweight on the Sun!

A person weighing 50 kg on the earth will weigh 1353.6 kg on the Sun. Imagine, what will be the weight of bodybuilders on the Sun. Why is it so? Simply, because of the massive size of the Sun compared to the earth. If the Sun is the size of a beach ball, the earth’s size will be as small as a pea.