Here are 7 random psychology facts about human behavior to contemplate and discuss at your next dinner party. Some may cause some controversy, and others will undoubtedly draw nods of agreement.

An interesting note regarding reading: It turns out that while most people say they prefer shorter lines of text when it comes to reading, they almost always read long lines of text faster. So while the traditional newspaper column seems to be entrenched in our pleasure center, a more efficient task requires about 100 characters per line of text.

Chromostereopsis is the effect of different colors clashing to confuse the depth of the objects. So, for example, blue and red stripes will confuse the eye and mess with perception. This has a material impact on designers and artists.

A simple thing like a good morning or good night message has been shown to trigger feel-good chemicals in the brain. So if you want to make someone feel good, just send them a message at the start or end of a day.

For some reason, happiness levels are higher in people who spend more time in the sun. You might interpret this to mean: get out into nature and enjoy yourself. That’s good advice, anyway, even though this phenomenon could be a chemical reaction to the sun’s warming rays.

A usability study concluded some exciting things about how many things a person can remember and process. Initially, one unofficial estimation states that between five and nine items were optimum for human response. So, for example, five to nine items on a menu or tab list.

Can’t stay away from checking your Insta, Twitter, or Facebook? That’s a psychological and very real scientific phenomenon. Your brain produces the hormone dopamine when you do this. This has a very pleasing emotional result, so you keep doing it searching for that pleasure.

A fascinating study from the 80s revealed something about how people have shared notions when it comes to imagination. Several people were asked to draw an ordinary object, like a coffee cup. Almost all of them attracted the cup from a particular angle and perspective – slightly above, looking down upon it.

Despite your best intentions to be confident and resolute, you’re going to doubt your position if other people disagree. You may not show it outwardly, but something in your own mind will second-guess your initial thought.

Empathy seems to be lacking in people who wield a lot of social power. This might be why your boss always seems like such a heartless jerk. More than likely, he just struggles to empathize with people.